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Here are the Top Trending Haircuts For 2018 So Far

Here are the Top Trending Haircuts For 2018 So Far

Are you trying to decide on how to cut your hair? Here are some of the top trending haircuts for this year that you definitely need to try.

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Did you know that in a lifetime, most women spend upwards of ?40,000 on their hair?

Changing up hair colour or length is a great way to spice up your overall style and look, but choosing what to do can be overwhelming. Being unsure of what you want or what will look good can be a costly mistake.

Looking to change up your style this year?

Check below for some of the top trending haircuts so far in 2018 so you know what options are out there!

The Top Trending Haircuts

1. The Long Pixie

Last year countless celebrities chopped off their hair. While there were a few true buzz cuts, the long pixie was a popular choice. This trend will continue, but also evolve.

You should expect pixie cuts with multiple layers to become mainstream. Think about Ruby Rose or even the cuts Katy Perry did over 2017.

If you are unsure how a short haircut will look on you, check out these tips to finding the best style for your face shape.

2. The Lob

This is one of those trending haircuts that will be around for a long time. Just barely touching the clavicle area, it is a haircut that is flattering for just about everyone.

The lob is also a good style to start with if you want to transition to shorter hair, but are too nervous to go all in with something like a pixie cut.

As sleeker and more blunt styles become popular, the tousled lob with loose waves will still be a popular choice. It is an easy style that requires little to no styling and can be parted multiple different ways for slight changes to the look.

3. Fringe Bangs

2018 will be the year of the bang. Lucky for you, there are a bunch of bang styles to choose from. But if you want to choose one of the most popular, consider going with the curtain fringe bang.

These will taper into the rest of your hair meaning they work with every length and texture. Curtain fringe bangs are also a good look because if you aren’t feeling them one day, you can easily pin them back.

4. Jaw Length Snips

As mentioned with the pixie cut, more and more people will be going short this year. If you are looking for something in between a pixie and a lob, a jaw-length cut may be perfect for you.

A style called “the sci-fi bob” is very popular right now. The sharp edges of this style make a statement no matter where you go.

5. Keep those Curls

The trend specifically for curly hair this year will be more relaxed. Going with a looser shape will give you a less structured feeling style.

Most credit Solange for bringing on this freeing trend.

Which Trending Haircuts Are for You?

Follow this guide and you will be sure to pick a trendy new haircut perfect for you.

Ready to take the plunge and snip your way to a new look? Contact us and we will set you up for an appointment and discuss exactly what you want.


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