Sunbeds in Headingley

The Very Best Sunbed Technology in Leeds

At Quiff Salon, we are all about looking your very best and an all-year-round suntan is just one of our large range of beauty treatments that we offer. Our stand up sunbed in Headingley is state-of-the-art. We have an American Leisure Blue Infinity stand-up sun shower which boasts the highest level of tanning on the market. You can play your own tunes to pass the time away and give that real beach experience.

Our tanning gives you a premium quality experience and a longer-lasting healthy looking suntan that looks like you’ve just come back from a holiday. There’s no need book in for your suntan, our sunbed is a walk-in service. It’s best to get in early as your last chance to jump on will be 30mins before close.


Your Nail & Tanning Salon in Headingley

As well as our tanning bed treatments, we offer a full range of nail services that you might want to use to complement your new suntan.

First time visiting our Tanning Salon? The Quiff team is on-hand to assist you and discuss what you want to achieve, from a subtle light tan to a deeper tan, let us help you get the look you desire. All of our UVB tanning beds use the latest technology and they’re completely safe to use as long as you follow our guidance, see below for more and book your tanning salon appointment today.

Are Sunbeds Safe?

As with any tanning treatment, it is important to take into consideration the following. Like the sun, sunbeds produce ultraviolet radiation and exposure to UV radiation does speed up the ageing of the skin. More importantly, it is important to understand that the sun and sunbeds can increase the risk of skin cancer so it is advisable not to over-expose your skin to the sun. UK laws ban under 18’s from using a sunbed.

At Quiff, we take your safety seriously and will conduct a full analysis of your skin prior to use. We will also provide you with protective goggles and tanning cream is available to purchase We pride ourselves to keep up with a meticulously maintained and spotlessly clean sunbed area We politely request that you shower before using our tanning booth.

The main source of Vitamin D comes from natural sunlight or sunbeds and one of the biggest benefits to using the our sunbed is that it is another source of this essential vitamin which helps bones to stay healthy and you to feel wonderful!

Things to consider before booking one of our tanning beds:

  • Have you filled out a skin analysis form?
  • Have you had a shower prior to use?
  • Is your skin free from make-up/perfumes (these can affect tanning)?
  • Are you or could you be pregnant (please do not use our tanning salon if you are)?
  • Have you had any form of skin cancerous growth (If so, please do not use our sunbed)?

Our team is on hand to answer any of your questions, so please do not hesitate to ask us or contact us here.

For further information on the tanning salon at Quiff, or to book in, please contact our friendly reception team. Click here for our full price list.

We also have a selection of St Tropez spray tans if sunbeds are not your thing.