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Professional Waxing In Headingley

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Waxing in Headingley
Stephanie McHugh
Stephanie McHugh
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Amazing hairdressers I struggle with my hair as it’s so crazy thick but these ladies are the best and know there stuff. I advise anyone to have the hair treatments on your hair it brings your hair out in excellent condition!! Can’t wait to go back !!
Bethany Collins
Bethany Collins
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Had my eyebrows threaded and upper lip waxed and the service was excellent. I'm very fussy about my eyebrows and hate trying new places but so glad I went to Quiff, Claire did an excellent job. I'll 100% be back. Also very COVID secure, hand gel, masks and temp check which is very reassuring when you're in close proximity.
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor
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Excellent service as always. I love the new booking system thats way ahead of other salons. The selection of services they offer is also second to none. The staff are experienced, knowledgable and fantastic at what they do. It’s a shame I can’t give 6 stars.

When you have gorgeous, smooth skin, there is an extra spring in your step. At Quiff Salon, discover our expansive range of professional waxing treatments. With our safe and affordable list of professional waxing services, you will be able to show off smooth, hairless skin, every day of the year.

Our professional and respectable team of expert waxers will help you discover what kind of hair removal suits your skin and advise you on how to get the best out of your waxing experience. If you’re looking for the best hair removal treatments in Headingley, look no further.

You may also like our sunbeds. Because the only thing is better than having gorgeous smooth skin is gorgeous smooth tanned skin.


We are incredibly proud to offer a diverse list of waxing treatments. We ensure to use the best waxing formulas in the market to deliver a superior waxing experience. Our choices of hot or strip waxing removes even the smallest and most stubborn hairs up to 1mm and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Quickly and effectively, hair is removed without leaving a sticky, uncomfortable residue. We also provide a series of pre and post waxing care treatments to ensure that your skin is smooth, sleek and soothed.

We cater to both male and female clients and are able to offer a wide range of waxing treatments including:

  • Bikini line waxing 
  • Hollywood 
  • Brazilian
  • Underarm
  • Lip and/or Chin
  • Eyebrows
  • Face
  • Half leg
  • Full leg
  • Back 
  • Stomach
  • Forearm
  • Full arm
  • Forearm
  • Underarm
  • Chest


In comparison to other types of hair removal, such as shaving, bleaching, epilation and sugaring, waxing is the preferred hair removal method for millions of men and women, who wish for smooth, hairless skin with long-term results.

The risk of cuts, nicks, burns and chemical damage is eliminated, and you will be able to show off your skin with no embarrassment of excess hair or blemishes.

Hair is pulled directly from the follicles, which ensures that with more treatments, hair grows less frequently, less thick and less noticeable. Skin is left smoother and sleeker for longer. Despite the brief pain, it is all worth it!


Maintaining proper pre and post-waxing rituals helps ensure that you will be getting the very best out of your waxing experience at Quiff Salon. We advise all our clients that hair must, at least, be ¼ inch long.

When you arrive for your appointment, our experienced and professional team of experts will provide useful tips on having the best post-treatment homecare.

This handy advice will help ensure that your skin is left soothed, smooth and hairless for as long as possible.


We are incredibly proud to offer a wide and diverse range of treatments and services at affordable prices.

At Quiff Salon, it is our goal to provide superior beauty treatments in Headingley that do not hurt your bank balance.

We also offer a generous student discount, ensuring that everybody benefits from all the incredible treatments offered at Quiff Salon.

If that is not enough, we offer 20% off all waxing procedures every Wednesday.

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