Please find our price list below. We update it regularly to include details of new promotions, which we are constantly launching to complement our well-loved student discount, and any new services we may begin to offer our Headingley clients. Looking to book an appointment? Call us on 01132 784 442.

Hair Services

To see how much we charge for the below services, navigate to our Price List page. Our pricing structure depends on whether you want to book an appointment with one of our Senior Stylists or our Stylist Director. While our hair salon only employs qualified, experienced and friendly professionals passionate about women’s and men’s hair and beauty, it may be that a Quiff staff member is one of the Headingley area’s specialists in the service you require. If so, we’ll be sure to recommend that you see them!

Pricing also depends on whether you are eligible for our student discount and similar promotions. Our hairdressers offer the following women’s and men’s hair services:

Ladies Cutting

Wash Cut & Style£36.00
Wash & Cut Wash & wet cut without styling£25.00
Dry Trim Long hair only£15.00
Total Re-styling Long to short£40.00


Up to age of 10 yrs£10.00
Ages 10–14
Wash Cut & Styling£28.50
Wash & Cut£18.75
Dry Trim£13.00
10% Off standard prices (student discount)

In Salon Hair Treatments

Prescriptive for your hair needs to suit your budget and time.£5.00–£15.00
Applied in salon with relaxing head massage as an add on service
to your hair cut or colour or styling.

Blow Drying & Occasion Styling

Dry Styling Curling/Half-up/Down£20.00–£25.00
Full Hair Up Styling£25.00–£30.00

Hair Smoothing Treatment

Smooth & frizz free hair. Lasts up to 3months.
Short Hair£98.00
Medium Length Hair£130.00
Long Hair£145.00


Dependant on hair length£15.00–£25.00

Colouring and highlighting

All prices are from the amount stated and you may be charged between
£10–£20 for longer or thicker hair, please ask if unsure.
Permanent Root Touch Up£30.00
Permanent Full Head Colour£40.00
Semi Permanent Tonal Glossing£30.00
Partial Head Highlights£45.00
Full Head Highlights£65.00
Blonde on Roots & Toner£55.00
Partial Paint on Balayage Technique£45.00
Full Balayage Paint on Technique£55.00
Root Tint and Partial Highlights£40.00
Full Head Highlights and Root Tint£75.00
Colour CorrectionPOC

Mens Cutting

Re-styling Long to sort inc. wash & styling£22.00


Please note all prices are from the stated price and depend on coverage and time taken.
More options & prices available on request.
Permanent Colour on Scalp£30.00
Partial Foil Highlights£45.00
Paint on Lightening (ends)£25.00


Sensitivity tests are required for some services, we will advise but please enquire if unsure.
In salon treatment included with colouring services.
Appointments outside our normal opening hours are available on request.
Consultations are complimentary please feel welcome to come in.


Sensitivity test are required 48 hours before colouring on scalp and are required for some eye treatments. Enquire within salon if unsure.
You may be charged £10 – £20 for extra long or extra thick hair or a colour in between highlights.
Your style and finish is not included in your colour price with a stylist.
Missed / cancelled appointments in less than 24 hours may incur a charge on the next booking.

Student Discount

10% Discount

Available Monday- Saturday except on beauty packages & offers. Valid only with proof of ID / Uni / College or NUS card.

Beauty Services

More than just a hair salon, we offer a range of beauty services that will make you feel preened and pampered like never before. Rest assured that we use high quality products when performing any of the below services for Headingley clients (waxing, manicures, sunbeds etc). This includes bestsellers from reputable brands like St. Tropez, Fudge, Joico and Essie, which you can find out more about on our Products page. Our beauty services include:


File + Polish£10.00
Mini Manicure Cuticles, shape buff and file£15.00
Gel Manicure Cuticles, buff, file, polish and gel£23.00
Luxury Manicure Soak, file, buff, scrub, massage, heated mitts & polish£25.00
Luxury Manicure with Gels£35.00
Gel Removal & Reapply (Our gel)£25.00
Gel Removal£8.00
Gel Manicure x 2 Package (to use within 2 months)£40.00


File + Polish£10.00
Express Pedicure Cuticles, file, polish, exfoliate, cream£15.00
Gel Pedicure£23.00
Luxury Pedicure Relaxing soak, scrub, exfoliate, massage, file, polish & cuticle work£25.00
& treatment in warm mitts
Luxury Pedicure with gel polish£35.00

Eye Treatments

Brow Shape: Wax/Thread£8.00
Brow Tint£8.00
Lash Tint£10.00
Brow Tint & Shape Package£14.00
Full Eye Package £24.00
Brow Tint & Shape & LashTint
Temporary Full Set (Lasts 2-7 day)£15.00
Semi Permanent (Lasts 2-3 weeks)£45.00
Full Eye Package with Lashes
With your choice of lashes starting at


Full Face (Not including lashes)£25.00
Full Face (Inc temp Lashes)£30.00


Express Facial Cleanse, tone exfoliate + moisturise£25.00
Deep Cleansing Facial Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, seaweed mask, serum, facial massage, eye cream & moisturise£45.00
Eye Treatment Anti-ageing, revitalise the eyes reduces fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.£20.00


Full Body Swedish Massage£45.00
Back Neck and Shoulders£25.00
Indian Head Massage£25.00
Hot-stone Massage
Full Body£60.00
Back Neck + Shoulders£40.00

Spray tans

St Tropez Full body£20.00
•   Classic  – A classic look tan
•   Dark – A deeper tan
•   Lux Oil – Moisturises up to 7 days. Contains macadamia nut oil, the classic look tan
•   Express Tan – Tan form light to dark in 1-3 hours!


Side of Face£10.00
Full Face Package£25.00

Waxing Hot or strip wax

Full Facial Waxing Package£30.00
Full Arm£15.00
Lower body
Half Leg£15.00
Full Leg£25.00
Bikini (briefs line)£10.00
Extend Bikini (just inside briefs line)£15.00
Brazilian (strip left)£26.00
Hollywood (all off)£26.00
Full Leg & Extended Bikini Package£35.00
Full Leg & Brazilian Package£44.00
Full Leg & Hollywood Package£48.00


Man-i-Cure Cuticles, shape, buff & file£10.00
Man-i-Cure Lux Soak, File, cuticles, buff, scrub & massage mitts£25.00


Pedicure Express File, Polish, cuticles, exfoliate, cream£15.00
Pedicure Lux Soak, scrub, hard skin removal, file, foot & leg massage & heated boots if required£25.00


St Tropez Full body ManTan£20.00
•   Classic  – A classic look tan  
•   Dark – A deeper tan  
•   Lux Oil – Moisturises up to 7 days. Contains macadamia nut oil, the classic look tan 
•   Express Tan – Tan form light to dark in 1-3 hours!

Male Waxing

EyeBrow shape Wax or Thread£8.00
Upper Body
Forearm & Hands£15.00
Full Arm & Hands£20.00
Upper arm£15.00
Hands only£10.00
Shoulders and Upper Back£15.00–£20.00
Lower Back£15.00
Full back and shoulders£30.00–£40.00
Chest and Abs£30.00–£40.00
Lower Body
Lower Leg and Feet£20.00
Full Leg and Feet£30.00
Feet only£10.00
Male Intimate Waxing
Speedo (briefs line and blended)£15.00
Groin (scrotum & pubic triangle)£30.00
Buttocks (Cheeks and Crack)£35.00
Bro-zillian (Groin and Buttocks and blended)£60.00