Full Manicure in Headingley

Beautiful hands start with a professional manicure at our Nail Salon in Headingley.  Regular maintenance will keep your hands soft and smooth while caring for your nails so they grow stronger and longer.  Our manicure specialists are highly trained in all aspects of manicure, from French manicures to gel nails and even nail design, there’s nothing they can’t do.


What’s Included in our Manicure Service

A manicure appointment at our Nail Studio usually lasts approximately 45 minutes, depending on what you choose. We can provide you with a full manicure, a re-varnish, a gel nails manicure or nail extensions.

Our manicure specialist will start by removing any nail varnish and thoroughly cleaning your nails. Nails will also enjoy a soak in warm, soapy water to soften cuticles before our nail technician trims any excess cuticle skin and buffs and polishes your natural nails.

Hands will then be indulged in softening, moisturising cream and then it’s up to you to choose a pretty nail varnish from our collection of quality products. Of course, longer-lasting gel nails are slightly different, click here for more information on gel nails and why they might be suitable for you.

How Long does a Manicure Take?

Our manicure treatment at Quiff Salon’s Nail Studio usually lasts approximately 45 minutes but it depends on what you have done. A file and polish should take no more than 20 minutes and gel nails take approximately 45min

Price for Manicure at the Quiff Salon, Headingley

To find out the prices of our manicures and nail treatments at Quiff Salon, click here for our full price list. We also offer various discounts for students. Call us today to give your hands the TLC they deserve!

A regular manicure will keep your hands looking fantastic all the time and is an excellent way to maintain healthy looking, strong nails. Book one of our packages which in effect can save you money while your nails are kept upto date and in tip top condition . It’s also a good way of keeping the skin soft and supple. Book a manicure in our Nail Salon today.