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Hair Removal in Headingley

For the best hair removal services in Headingley, book an appointment at Quiff Salon in Headingley where we offer a range of options to keep you beautifully smooth and hair-free for longer. Our beauty therapists are all highly trained in waxing and threading hair removal techniques for men and women, using the latest products for gentle hair removal methods.

Hair removal services in Headingley
Stephanie McHugh
Stephanie McHugh
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Amazing hairdressers I struggle with my hair as it’s so crazy thick but these ladies are the best and know there stuff. I advise anyone to have the hair treatments on your hair it brings your hair out in excellent condition!! Can’t wait to go back !!
Bethany Collins
Bethany Collins
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Had my eyebrows threaded and upper lip waxed and the service was excellent. I'm very fussy about my eyebrows and hate trying new places but so glad I went to Quiff, Claire did an excellent job. I'll 100% be back. Also very COVID secure, hand gel, masks and temp check which is very reassuring when you're in close proximity.
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor
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Excellent service as always. I love the new booking system thats way ahead of other salons. The selection of services they offer is also second to none. The staff are experienced, knowledgable and fantastic at what they do. It’s a shame I can’t give 6 stars.
Hair Removal Services


The beauty team specialise in three different hair removal treatments for men and women, strip waxing, hot waxing and threading.

Hot waxing in Headingley


We offer hot waxing which works for men and women and gently removes hair from legs, arms, intimate and bikini areas, underarms, back, lip and chin. This option is not permanent hair removal but it will keep you hair-free for up to six weeks and is almost painless.

Hot waxing uses a higher temperature than warm wax and has a thicker consistency. It’s excellent for removing short, stubborn hairs and is very well suited for the facial and intimate areas.

The hot wax we use at the Quiff Salon is gentle and effective enough for even the most sensitive areas so it’s soothing while it works hard to remove hair. Once it’s applied, it stays on the skin for a few moments and then it begins to solidify, at that point, the beauty therapist swiftly pulls it away in one fast action, removing the hair.

Hot Waxing Advantages:

  • It works well on short hair
  • It is perfect for coarse, thick hair
  • If you have sensitive skin, it’s ideal for you
  • It doesn’t leave any stickiness
  • It’s hygienic – we never re-use our spatulas!
  • There’s less reddening after treatment
  • Hot wax is suitable for intimate areas


As well as hot waxing, we offer strip waxing which involves a thin layer of hot wax spread on the area in question and then removed very quickly, using a paper strip. We recommend this for less sensitive areas and larger areas, such as the legs and underarms. It’s also ideal for the upper lip and chin area.
Strip waxing leaves you smooth and hair-free for up to six weeks and is a highly effective hair removal treatment.

Strip Waxing Advantages:

  • It’s great for super-smooth arms and legs
  • Strip wax can be used on intimate areas
  • Works well for underarms
  • Leaves limbs smooth and hair-free for longer
  • It’s an excellent option for facial hair removal
Strip Waxing in Headingley
Eyebrow threading in Headingley


We are proud to offer the ancient art of threading, which is an excellent option to get rid of hair from the upper lip and chin in seconds. Highly effective, it is also perfectly suitable to create stunning eyebrows.

Threading is quick and easy with no downtime. It involves using fine thread and the beauty therapist creates quick, twisting movements with the thread while running it over the hair to remove it.

You may experience slight skin reddening around the area of treatment which soon disappears, usually in less than half an hour. So, rather than using hair removal at home kits, visit a reputable hair removal salon and show off hair-free limbs for weeks on end.

Threading Advantages:

  • It is excellent for facial hair removal
  • It is great for sensitive skin, especially if waxing isn’t an option
  • There is no product applied to the area of treatment
  • It’s accurate and long-lasting

You may also like to explore our eyebrow tinting service.



We only use the best possible hot wax and strip waxing available and we are meticulous about hygiene. Our beauty salon in Headingley is spotlessly clean for your complete comfort and we go to great lengths to ensure our rooms are cleaned and sterilised in-between every client. When we use wax, we always use a brand new spatula in the wax pot for every client, this prevents cross-contamination.


Our hair removal treatments are all high quality and affordable, to find out the prices, please visit the price list page here. We also offer student discounts for various treatments and we have special Waxing Wednesdays – get 20% off larger areas when you book-in for a waxing appointment on a Wednesday!

Dare to go bare – Call us now to book in or you can click here to book online.

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We offer a full range of hair and beauty services – feel extra-special and let Quiff Salon’s experienced stylists and therapists pamper you from head to toe.